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Vital Things You Need to Know to Become a Traffic Controller in QLD

By fastlabourhire • Nov 29th 2022
Vital Things You Need to Know to Become a Traffic Controller in QLD

Have you ever wondered about the role of traffic controllers in Brisbane and how you could win traffic control jobs? Traffic controller jobs in Brisbane, QLD, are often incredibly lucrative roles.

Plus, jobs in traffic control can be highly rewarding, and you’ll ensure the safety of numerous projects.

But getting into a traffic safety job can seem hard. You’ll need to consider the requirements of a traffic controller in QLD. This will help you check if this is the right role for you.

The Role of Local Vehicle Traffic Controllers in Brisbane, QLD

To become a traffic control officer in Queensland, you’ll need to meet several requirements. Training is essential for traffic controller jobs, as this will provide you with the skills you need to succeed. After, as a traffic controller, you would be able to enter work and begin managing pedestrians and drivers.

Luckily, becoming an accredited or certified traffic control officer is straightforward. However, you’ll be working on busy main roads. So, your services are potentially risky without the proper equipment and training.

Skills to Become a Traffic Controller in Brisbane, QLD

An image of a worker explaining traffic management in Brisbane

First of all, we should consider the main skills you need to become a traffic control officer in Brisbane, Queensland. Excellent people management and communication skills are vital.

You also need excellent leadership and problem-solving skills. In some cases, rapid first-aid training may also come in helpful.

Attend a Traffic Control Course

First, you will need to attend a traffic control training course. Several companies host approved training courses throughout Brisbane.

You should demonstrate basic literacy and numeracy skills to attend a traffic control training course. You will also need to hold a driving license to manage traffic which has seen at least five years of experience.

Several skills you will develop as part of your training course include:

  • Co-operation with other road users as part of a service
  • Risk and hazard management principals, reducing risks to other reach users.
  • Supporting with on-site traffic management plans

Apply for a White Card

After training, you need to get an Australian white card before going further. A white card is mandatory for any construction industry worker.

As such, traffic management officers need to hold a white card and suitable training before they can begin work. 

Your white card won’t expire once you’ve received it, so long as you stay in the industry.

Still, you need to keep working in the construction industry for this to count. A break of more than two years may make this different.

Obtaining Traffic Controller Accreditation in Queensland

To apply for accreditation, you will first need to head to the application page on the Queensland, Australia page. But, if necessary, you can apply in person with a paper application.

You’ll receive an industry authority card after completing your traffic control officer accreditation. This enables you to manage road traffic. You will need to present this if requested while working as a traffic-operating officer.

The white card shows that you are certified to work on construction jobs in Brisbane. This also includes traffic management for construction projects. As such, it will enable you to work as a traffic operator in Brisbane.

Once your accreditation is approved, it lasts approximately three years from the date of issue. As such, you should note when you achieved your accreditation throughout the three-year period. This will prevent you from having your accreditation lapse, which would require you to re-apply again.

What You’ll Need: Getting The Right Equipment

traffic controller jobs brisbane

Before you can work on traffic management plans in Queensland, you’ll need to have the right equipment to provide a safe, high-quality service. 

Traffic controllers work on many main roads across Queensland, Australia. As such, you’ll need suitable equipment to provide thorough, safe support for local transport users. Remember: you’re not only there to stop slow-moving traffic. 

Traffic control officers also manage fast and potentially speeding traffic. So, being visible is important to ensure the traffic management project goes effectively.

Some  main pieces of operating equipment include:

  • Personal equipment: You will need to invest in a hard hat, high-vis clothing, earplugs, and protective eyewear. Your company may provide this for you.
  • Professional equipment: To indicate to other road users how to respond, you will need temporary signs. These most commonly included are “stop” and “go” signs to show other road users how to act. You will also need cones, witches’ hats, barriers, barricades, chevrons, and safety tape as necessary.

Final Thoughts

Do you think becoming a traffic control officer might be right for you? If so, contact our construction industry experts at Fast Labour Hire! 

We can help you find people like you the perfect role as aspiring traffic controllers in Brisbane – so why choose anyone else?

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