Having a winning labourer resumé for Australian jobs in construction could almost guarantee you work in your chosen field of employment, and you don’t have to be Shakespeare to write one. 

Labour hire agencies look for certain must-haves on every resumé. This blog will give you a few golden nuggets on how to write a resumé for a labourer job that will present you in the best light.

Labourer resumé examples on how to look professional 

First impressions count so make sure yours has an engaging, professional layout. Try holding it out from a distance – does it look overcrowded or cluttered, are the sections easy to see?

If you’re stuck for ideas of how to lay it out, or you’re just not a visual person, there are many free labourer resumé templates and labourer resumé samples to download to give you an idea to help you to begin. 

One way you can be noticed is to add your photo. It must be of professional quality with a good smile, a clean image and background and no shadows or messy background behind you.


What words to include in a labourer resumé in Australia

labourer resume australia

Insert your full name, contact details and trade at the top, and then a few, short lines to form a paragraph about yourself that included your construction skills and work site experience.

Your resumé has to sell you from the start, but without being pushy. 

Now you write more fully about your labourer experience but succinctly. Forget waffle or irrelevant details – that may jeopardise your chances of it being read, let alone hired.

Name any construction companies who have employed you, state who long for, the details of your role there and any accomplishments.

Of the labourer resumé examples that labour hire agencies like to receive, here’s a good one:

‘While working for XXX construction project, I was employed as a carpenter. I was hired to work on timber frames but I also worked on bespoke window frames, door hanging and roof supports. I was awarded employee of the month and we completed two award-winning commercial developments.’ 

As you may have worked on several projects in the past, include the reasons for leaving each one as employers like to feel reassured that you are reliable. 

A point to remember: it’s an unreasonable but sad fact that people are judged as careless or unprofessional if their resumé is full of spelling mistakes and typos.

When you have finished writing it, get someone who has good English skills to check it over before sending it.

Match your labourer resumé to the job

You will need to tweak your resumé for each specific job you apply for. Do some research on your prospective employers and the sort of jobs they are offering.

Copy the keywords from their job description into your resumé to make it stand out. 

It will demonstrate your attention to detail and that you are not applying for just anything and everything.

If the construction job you are applying for requires specific skillsets, include your experience in those areas.

A cover letter with your resumé, saying why you particularly want this construction job and why you are the right candidate, will increase your chances of getting hired by a labour agency.

Include things like how it would provide you a chance to increase your skillset, why you would like to work with the company and so on.

If your labourer resumé for Australian construction employment matches your experience and you want to work for one of Australia’s best labour hire agencies, send it to Fast Labour Hire today. We’d love to hear from you!