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White Card Handbook for Australian Businesses

By fastlabourhire • Oct 30th 2021
White Card Handbook for Australian Businesses

White card handbooks can often be complex and difficult to understand in many circumstances, especially when you begin looking into the legal components and requirements to complete the training.

As a professional labour hire team for the construction industry, this is something we know better than most.

As such, we have written this short guide today to help you learn more about white cards in Australia and how these apply to your construction industry business.

What are White Cards? 

First of all, we need to clarify what an Australian white card actually is. A white card is a mandatory requirement that all construction workers need to hold.

It is more officially known as the “Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCWHS1001.”

Construction workers must conduct face-to-face training to become a white card labourer, providing them with physical evidence of their certification.

How to Get a White Card in Australia

In order to work in the construction industry, all construction industry labourers – from general labourers through to managers – need to hold a white card as proof of their certifications in general construction induction training.

Fortunately, finding out how to get a white card in Australia is a simple process. The WorkSafe Victoria website provides a list of accredited training officers that can offer complete accreditation for white card approval.

Labourers need to hold 100 points of identification if they are to enroll in professional training; this ID should include proof of address, a legitimate and up-to-date driving licence, or a valid passport. Furthermore, new arrivals in Australia can present a flight ticket as proof of identification for up to six weeks following arrival.

How Long is a White Card Valid For?

At this point, you’re probably wondering – how long is a white card valid for? This is an understandable question, and fortunately, the answer is that white cards do not run out for as long as you work in the construction industry.

As such, white card labourers and staff will retain their white card status for their entire career.

The only exception here is if the individual takes a break of two years or longer from the construction industry, in which case, their white card will lapse, and they will need to reapply for a new white card.

How Long is White Card Training?

White card training requires you to cover numerous aspects of construction industry safety, and critically, it’s essential that all workers pay close attention.

However, white card training is usually completed within a single day, making these intensive but effective courses.

Once you have completed the training, as mentioned previously, your white card will remain active for as long as you remain working in the construction industry without a break of two years or more.

White Card Handbook: Key Takeaways 

As part of our brief guide to white cards for Australian construction workers, we’ve covered a few critical points regarding Australian white card labourers and job roles.

Notably, white cards in Australia are usually earned after a one-day course.

They are valid for however long a labourer remains in the construction industry (provided that they don’t take time away from the industry of two years or greater).

As such, while it can be a slight nuisance to get a white card in Australia, once an individual has completed their training, they will be able to take on Australian white card jobs for the foreseeable future.

If you have any further questions that weren’t answered as part of our white card handbook, contact our experienced labour hire team; we’ll help you find the right solutions for all of your white card queries!

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