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Does your site require traffic controllers in Brisbane? We supply punctual and experienced traffic management in Brisbane, from Redbank Plains to Redcliffe.

Why you need a traffic controller in Brisbane

Traffic management in Brisbane consists of managing vehicle and pedestrian traffic away from potential hazards on a construction site, road or rail upgrade, around tree-lopping near electric power lines, when clearing up damaged properties after storms and so on. The skills of a traffic controller range from holding a ‘stop/go’ sign right up to planning detours on heavy traffic routes.

Construction work is booming in Queensland. Traffic controllers in Brisbane are needed more than ever on post-flood building restoration sites, new high-rise construction, urban infrastructure (including nine new train stations) and preparations for the 2032 Olympics.


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What Fast Labour Hire traffic controllers in Brisbane do

Fast Labour Hire supplies some of the best and most experienced traffic controllers in Brisbane. They arrive on time on site with the appropriate traffic control licences, a white card (basic management) and a valid driver’s licence. They will be wearing full protective clothing, such as safety footwear and high-visibility clothing.

These are just the basics. At Fast Labour Hire, we thoroughly screen and vet all our traffic controllers for communication and coordination skills. They are quick thinkers who can solve unexpected problems calmly and sensibly, while reassuring the public that they will safely end up where they want to be. As well as directing the public through detours, they are trained and willing to receive instructions from others in authority such as supervisors, construction managers, paramedics, police officers, firefighters.

The great advantage of hiring a traffic controller from Fast Labour Hire is that you know they will be more than competent to work on your site. We have already interviewed them and done the background checks for you. We only send out traffic controllers in Brisbane who have at least two years of experience.

And that’s not all! We save your admin staff time, energy and money by taking care of their pay and entitlements and handling their workers compensation, so that you don’t have to!

frequently asked questions

How do I know I won’t be getting an inexperienced traffic controller on site?

Fast Labour Hire only supplies traffic controllers in Brisbane who have had at least two years’ experience.

How well trained are your traffic controllers?

Fast Labour Hire checks check that our traffic controllers in Brisbane have completed a VOC (Verification of Competency). We also review their certificate of attainment and references from previous employers. All our traffic controllers are familiar with the relevant codes of practice.

Who’s responsible for the traffic controller’s performance?

We regularly visit sites to check that our traffic controllers are doing what you have asked them to do. We see that they are following required WH&S procedures and how they are fitting in with your construction team. If you are unhappy for some reason, we will replace them within 4 hours.

For any traffic controllers jobs in Brisbane you need to fill, call us at Fast Labour Hire.


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