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Frequently Asked Questions by Labourers

By fastlabourhire • Jan 31st 2022
Frequently Asked Questions by Labourers

There are numerous frequently asked questions by labourers that we receive here at Fast Labour Hire – and, as a professional labour hire agency, we’re generally in a good position to answer most of these requirements.

As such, today, we’re taking a look at some of the most common frequently asked questions by labourers and how you might be able to find an effective solution for these FAQs overall.

Frequently Asked Questions by Labourers: 6 Key Things You Should Know About Working as a Labourer in Australia

#1 What Skills Do I Need to Work as a Labourer? 

As a professional labourer, you will need several key skills; these often include attention to detail, spatial awareness, good teamwork and communication skills, effective time management, and the ability to work to specifications or blueprints carefully.

Certain labouring positions may also require additional skills, such as the ability to measure accurately or physical strength (depending on your job description and role).

#2 Should I Join a Labour Hire Agency?

One of the most common frequently asked questions by labourers will revolve around whether you should join a labour hire agency or if you should continue operating privately.

While a professional labour hire agency will take a small cut of the income, you will often find that they are able to negotiate much fairer prices and contracts than you could alone.

As such, when you join a labour hire agency, you can enjoy far more reliable work with labour hire pay rates largely comparable to standard, self-employed pay rates.

And, as an added benefit, there’s none of the hassle; it’s a win-win situation, really. Check out our detailed article about how do labour hire companies work to find out more!

#3 What are the Standard Labour Hire Company Requirements for New Labourers? 

Joining a labour hire agency can offer many benefits, but you’ll need to meet the company requirements to do so.

Most labour hire agencies look for someone with experience in the industry to ensure you’re able to provide a valuable service. If you have qualifications, this will go in your favour.

Meanwhile, you will also need to provide a resume and references, along with any additional requirements for your specific labour hire company.

#4 What PPE Do I Need as a Labourer?

As a professional labourer, you will need several key pieces of PPE to stay safe; these could include a hard hat, hi-vis vests, steel toe capped boots, gloves, and glasses.

In addition to this, you will need to hold a white card; this enables you to work in the construction industry legally.

This is a requirement for any construction site job, regardless of the type of role you’re fulfilling – be it office staff or working on the construction project directly.

#5 How Much do Recruitment Agencies Charge in Australia? 

If you’ve been struggling to find a job as a labourer in Australia that offers a good pay rate, you may want to consider getting support from a recruitment agency.

Fortunately, as a labourer, you won’t usually have to pay for the role; however, your new employer will usually need to pay a commission of around 15% of your annual salary.

As such, labour hire pay rates can often be much more generous for labourers, as employers hiring through recruitment agencies will often be much less generous with your annual salary.

Generally, most private labourers will earn around $700 per week when working on a full-time basis.

#6 Can I Undertake Online Courses to Become a Labourer? 

Becoming a labourer is incredibly complex, and taking online courses can be an excellent way to boost your skills and aptitudes.

You can also develop your knowledge of the industry and proper operating practices. However, most labourer job roles and training will be provided in-person in the form of either an apprenticeship or a certificate.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering about some of the most frequently asked questions by labourers, we hope today’s brief guide may have helped.

Indeed, many people new to the labour hire industry, as well as those working for a private company or as self-employed staff, are a little unsure when getting started.

Fortunately, as one of the leading labour hire agencies locally, we’ve done our best to answer these frequently asked questions by labourers today to give you the solutions you need.

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