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Top 6 Qualities employers look for in a good construction worker

By fastlabourhire • Mar 15th 2022
Top 6 Qualities employers look for in a good construction worker

Construction workers and construction managers often desire the same thing – certain qualities that distinguishes a construction worker from the average employee.

Among other attributes, construction companies and labour hire agencies assess workers for the following 6 qualities:

  1. Physical capability 
  2. Hand-eye and body coordination
  3. Thorough knowledge of construction labourer tools 
  4. Attention to detail 
  5. Problem solver
  6. Construction worker knowledge and experience

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#1 Physical capability

It stands to reason that if you are working in construction, you need to be physically fit. Construction labour duties push construction workers to the limits of their physical strength and mobility every day.

These include heavy lifting, operating dangerous machinery (for instance, concrete labourers) and specialised tools and driving large, motorised vehicles with the potential to injure themselves and others.

A pre-employment medical assessment will ensure prospective construction workers that they are fit physically and mentally for their new employment.

There are, however, other health tips that can optimise a worker’s fitness.

Eat breakfast before you start work each day, pack nutritious snacks, bring (don’t buy) your lunch, prioritise protein bars over junk food while on the job and drink plenty of water through the day.

Maintaining your health and endurance is paramount and at FLH we take occupational health and safety very seriously.

#2 Hand-eye and body coordination

Working in construction requires more than just muscle power. You also need excellent hand-eye coordination.

As a building labourer, you are often called upon to multitask with both hands, carrying, moving or assembling items while walking, digging, climbing or lifting, all without losing your balance.

One of the most vital reasons for acquiring good hand-eye coordination is when you operate power tools and machinery. One slip and you could lose a thumb or cut an artery.

These tools and machinery have the potential to be dangerous, but with good operational skills, you and your fellow workers will be quite safe.

Which leads to our next quality…

#3 Thorough knowledge of construction labourer tools

Experience counts for much. You will be much sought after if you have a deep knowledge of how to use a wide range of hand and power tools, and how to work with them effectively and efficiently.

You should never operate machinery or power tools without having in-depth understanding of how they work and how to fix them should there be a malfunction.

As machinery and tools are updated, or a new model comes on the market, keeping up to date with current technical knowledge ought also be a priority.

#4 Attention to detail 

Mistakes on construction sites can be fatal so it pays to be attentive about details. Like multitasking with hand-eye coordination, you should strive for a balance between seeing the big picture while focusing on the small.

This requires a high degree of mental coordination as construction workers may be asked to attend to different projects simultaneously.

Little things like alerting colleagues in advance that you are about to drive a forklift through where they are working could save lives.

Being able to switch from task to task and taking care of the details will make you much more employable.

#5 Problem solver

Construction labourers in Melbourne

Again, construction work isn’t just about heavy lifting. You will go far if you can use some brain matter to solve problems on the spot.

No day is the same on a construction site. Breakdowns in the supply chain, bad weather, faulty tools – you name it, you have to deal with it.

Construction labourers who can adapt to changing conditions and come up with a workable solution are worth their weight in gold.

This is a bonus of the construction manager as well. A responsible construction worker who has exceptional problem-solving skills will work in an effective manner and won’t need to be supervised nearly as much (which often wastes valuable time onsite).

#6 Construction worker knowledge and experience 

The most important factor in industry knowledge is how a construction site is organised and who to talk to when a problem comes up.

A trustworthy construction worker will also have a variety of skills and a large experience in all sorts of tasks, not just in their own particular field.

There are many tasks construction workers may be expected to do. Here is a typical list:

  • Lift and carry building materials
  • Remove rubbish from site with a wheelbarrow
  • Dig with hand tools or jack hammers for breaking concrete or rock
  • Mix and pour concrete
  • Put up and take down scaffolding (with the appropriate certification), ramps and barriers
  • Clean surfaces for painting.

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Whether you are looking for quality construction labourers or a construction worker looking for work, call Fast Labour Hire today on 9001 6541 or contact us online.

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