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Top 7 Construction Skills Needed In Australia

By fastlabourhire • Aug 7th 2021
Top 7 Construction Skills Needed In Australia

A list of construction skills needed in the industry today typically includes hard skills and soft skills. There are numerous skills that construction workers can acquire – plumbing, crane driving, forklift operating and so on. But there are others that are just as useful, the sort of construction skills Australia expects from its workers.

Some workers may not have the first two on the following list, but you should expect them to have the rest.

Top 7 Construction Skills Needed in Australia

The following two construction labourer skills are in demand:

1 Electrical skills

Those with electrical training and skills are in luck! Having electrical skills will allow workers to work across a range of projects and sites and earn a good wage. Labour hire agencies and construction managers are avidly searching for this skillset due to a critical shortage of electrical tradespeople.

Fast Labour Hire has a vast database of electrical workers and may be able to supply what you need – today!

2 Carpentry

construction labourer skills

Carpentry training and skills include excellent hand-eye coordination, maths, attention to detail, critical thinking and developed communication skills. This ability to perform a range of tasks to an optimal standard ensures a quality employee.

At Fast Labour Hire, we have many carpenters on our books. Give us a call today if you need one.

Attributes such as maths and literacy skillsphysical strength and stamina and organisational skills are also important. Here are some other basic building and construction skills that you will need to check for:

3 Mechanical and building knowledge

Getting the relevant qualifications and tickets isn’t quite enough. A worker who can work effectively and efficiently with a variety of tools is a must as well as them knowing how to work basic equipment and machinery. A knowledge of building codes and up-to-date technical knowledge is also desirable.

4 Quick problem solving

No construction project goes according to plan from start to finish. Workers get sick, machines break down or materials may not have left the supply depot yet. An employee who can calmly and rapidly find a simple and effective solution to a problem will be much valued. Their ability to solve problems on the spot will give you time to attend to other matters and will build trust and contribute to the project remaining within the budget and the schedule.

5 Adaptability

One of the best construction labourer skills to have is adaptability. As mentioned above, no project goes according to plan and the ability to be flexible when something unexpected happens is a highly prized one. As techniques and technologies change all the time, many issue arise which construction workers and managers have never faced before. Adaptability and those problem solving skills mentioned earlier will stand you in good stead.

6 Communication

Knowing how to adapt one’s language to customers, managers and fellow employees is a skill that can be learned by all. Good verbal and written skills are also vital in any workplace. On constructions sites, good communication skills – being polite, firm when needed and clear when issuing directions – could be the difference between the success and failure of a project.

7 Team player

construction skills australia

Rarely does an employee work alone on a construction site. Therefore, a willingness to learn and build relationships with other team members is essential. Competing priorities and demands on the construction can hold up progress and lead to mistrust so building influence by being willing to listen to the other party can provide other feasible options that will keep the project moving on target.

So, if you think your employee needs just basic building and construction skills, a handy hint may be to check their resumé and ask those providing references to give examples of where they showed these characteristics on the job.

Considering this list of construction skills Australia construction projects need, employers and labour hire agencies employers seek a mix of these traits, with the ideal candidate possessing both.

Fast Labour Hire takes care to provide construction workers with highly developed hard and soft skills. Talk to us today for all your labour hire needs.

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