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Complete Guide to Choose the Best Labour Hire Agency

By fastlabourhire • Aug 15th 2022
Complete Guide to Choose the Best Labour Hire Agency

Have you been looking to hire professional labour hire agencies? Finding a professional labour hire agency or recruitment company can often seem tough. However, this will have a significant impact in terms of how well your next project runs.

This is why we cannot overstate the importance of making this decision right. Fortunately, there are countless excellent professional construction labour hire companies out there.

Teams such as ours here at Fast Labour Hire strive to deliver reliable, effective solutions for our clients. Still, to get top results, you still need to start with the best local support.

So, how can you choose the best local labour hire agency? Well, the following tips will help you find the most reliable labour hire agencies near you.

How to Choose the Best Labour Hire Agencies?

recruitment agency

Have you been looking to hire the best local labour hire agencies? Labour hire can offer many benefits over reaching out to a recruitment agency. If so, we recommend you consider the following factors to help make your decision a little easier.


One factor you may want to consider when choosing a labour hire agency is the price. Of course, you should never choose a labour hire agency based on price alone.

However, it is still worth considering that, while some labour hire agencies – such as ours – strive to deliver great value, this isn’t always the case. As such, considering whether you’re getting a good value service is crucial.


One of the most crucial factors to consider when hiring a labour hire team is their reputation.

In many cases, a brand’s reputation is crucial. It gives a clear interpretation of its overall service quality. After all, nothing is more accurate than the opinions and reviews of other people!

Therefore, check out testimonials and past customer reviews before hiring a labour hire team.

Customer Support

In many cases, having someone there to help when you need it is incredibly valuable. With this thought in mind, always look for a labour hire team that offers great customer support.

It might seem like a simple feature, but it can go a long way towards making your experience stress-free and easy.

Range of Services

As a further point of note, we suggest that you also consider the range of services for your chosen labour hire agency. Indeed, there’s nothing more frustrating than choosing a labour hire agency, only to find that they can’t do everything you require of them.

Fortunately, professional teams can often deliver a myriad of services. As such, when you choose an expert local construction labour hire team, you can often count on them to offer numerous services. This helps keep all of your labour hire staffing solutions in one place, making them easier to manage accordingly.

What is a Labour Hire Agency?

Image about construction labour hire companies

professional labour hire agency is a specialist team offering short-term staffing solutions. Labour hire works in a similar manner to any other form of hire service.

However, they don’t hire out equipment. Instead, labour hire agencies connect construction projects find the most skilled local workers.

How do Labour Hire Companies Work?

Labour hire companies have a relatively simple business model. First, they recruit some of the most skilled local construction workers.

The brand ensures these staff have the most relevant, professional training. Then, agencies hire out their workers to construction projects needing short-term staffing solutions. This could be to cover illness or for a short project that doesn’t justify hiring a new member of staff.

If you want to find out more information about how labour hire companies work, check our in-depth article.

How Much Does Labour Hire Cost? 

The cost of labour hire will usually be a little more expensive than the cost of hiring a staff member directly. However, labour hire is usually much more affordable than partnering with a recruitment agency.

To find out more about the cost of labour hire for your project, contact our team here at Fast Labour Hire today, and we will do our best to help.

Why Use Labour Hire?

There are countless great benefits of using labour hire for your construction project. Some of the main benefits of using labour hire services include:

  • Fully trained and licensed staff whenever you need them
  • No commitment to long-term contracts
  • Available in a wide array of specialities
  • Can save time and money compared to hiring a new short-term staff member

Final Thoughts

Hiring the best labour hire agencies can seem like a tough decision. Fortunately, if you consider today’s points, narrowing down your choices shouldn’t be a major challenge.

And remember: if you need top support, always choose labour hire agencies with a great reputation (such as us at Fast Labour Hire).

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