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What is Carpentry? Everything You Need to Know About the Types of Carpentry Work

By fastlabourhire • Jun 14th 2022
What is Carpentry? Everything You Need to Know About the Types of Carpentry Work

Have you ever wondered: what is carpentry and what types of carpentry work are available?

Whether you’re looking to start a new career or if you’ve been looking to hire a professional carpenter, it’s crucial to know what carpenters do to help inform your decision.

Fortunately, we’re on hand today to help you find out more about what carpentry work is to inform your final decision.

What is Carpentry? 

Before going any further, we should briefly outline the main question here: what is carpentry? Carpentry work is a highly specialised job role that involves woodworking and often represents a critical building trade on construction sites.

Their role includes shaping, molding, and cutting wood into intricate, complex designs, often depicted on 2D and 3D hand-drawn diagrams and drawings.

As a result of this, carpentry work demands a high level of problem-solving skills to create a design based on a specific project brief.

Why Is Carpentry Still Relevant in Construction Sites? 

While it’s clear that wood was once a critical building material for traditional Australian homes, many people assume that wood has fallen out of favour in the modern age. However, this isn’t entirely true.

In fact, while most Australian homes have brick walls, wood still features in countless properties throughout Australia.

Furthermore, WoodSolutions points out that there are countless Australian wooden-framed homes well over a century old, demonstrating the versatility and durability of high-quality wood construction.

What Does a Carpenter Do?

Image about carpentry work

Have you ever wondered: what is the role of a carpenter? Well, this question is a little tricky to answer generally since carpentry as a field is hugely diverse.

However, all carpenters work directly with wood and timber, usually on construction.

Some carpenters also use wood and timber to create decorative or structural pieces, such as furnishings, staircases, etc.

The Different Types of Carpentry 

As we’ve already mentioned, carpentry comes in many different types. Five of the most common types of carpentry include:

  • Rough carpenters, roofers, and framers typically provide structural solutions for properties, which include framing, formwork, and roofing/beam installations. The skill of a rough carpenter may directly influence the structural stability of a property, making their contributions vitally important.
  • Jousters are responsible for laying wooden floor joists within a property, which ensure that suspended floors are supported and safe once the construction work completes. The different types of floor joists include HY joists, Pryda Longreach Truss joists, and Posi Strut Truss joists.
  • Cabinet makers are responsible for creating furniture and furnishings out of timber and wood products. Though the name might be misleading, they typically provide substantially more than cabinetry alone and often support the creation of many different wooden furnishings including wardrobes, dressers, and the like.
  • Trim carpenters create decorative pieces for properties, including mantles, skirting boards, staircase banisters, and the like. Their work is typically more ornamental in nature and may be finished to a more intricate and detailed standard; however, all carpentry roles still work with an uncompromising level of attention to detail.
  • Ship carpenters are a more uncommon type of carpenter and, as the name would suggest, specialise in making wooden-framed ships and vessels.

Final Thoughts

Carpentry is an often-overlooked field that’s actually surprisingly complex in many cases.

However, whether you’ve been looking to start working as a carpenter or if you think you might need a carpenter for your next project, knowing what carpentry is more specifically is a vital goal.

After all, carpentry is so much more than just a little bit of woodwork.

Fortunately, we’ve outlined carpentry in today’s guide to help you learn more and decide whether carpentry work might be the most suitable option for you.

If you’d like to find out more about carpentry work and the question, “what is carpentry,” please don’t hesitate to contact our experts here at Fast Labour Hire for further support.

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