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Becoming Construction Workers: 7 Key Steps You Need to Know

By fastlabourhire • Jan 14th 2023
Becoming Construction Workers: 7 Key Steps You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered about how to join the ranks of construction workers in Australia? With around 1.2 million people working in construction in Australia, it’s clear there are plenty of opportunities!

With this thought in mind, today, we’re looking at some of the key things you should know about getting started. Hopefully, this will help you learn more about the options available as a construction worker in Australia.

Definition of Construction Workers

an image of a construction worker applying asphalt on road

First, we should briefly outline who construction workers are. Construction staff are workers who are directly involved with construction projects in some form. Common responsibilities for construction workers include building and demolition projects, removing hazardous materials, and laying new flooring, to name a few.

Still, there are many tasks available for construction workers. Not all workers provide physical labour, for example. Some may be responsible for construction admin tasks and so on.

How Much Do Construction Workers Make in Australia?

Generally speaking, construction workers in Australia make around $60,000 per year. Some specialities are in even higher demand, and these may come with higher rates still. Some workers may achieve up to $100,000 per year.

Becoming a Construction Worker: What You Should Know

what is a construction worker

If you’ve been looking to become a construction worker in Australia, there are several things you’ll need to do. But don’t worry. Working as a construction worker is often highly rewarding. As such, the construction industry might be a great option to consider.

How to Become a Construction Worker

Becoming a construction worker is surprisingly easy – but you must take steps to prepare first. However, try to keep in mind that construction work will often be very challenging.

#1 Choose an Industry

One of the first things you’ll need to do is consider the many construction jobs available. Indeed, while most construction jobs are related, their specific focus will vary.

There are several different roles for construction workers. Naturally, each task hence requires unique skills and training.

So, before you start your job search, make sure you choose the right type of job for your skills. Roles such as construction managers, site managers, and construction operatives are popular.

#2 Obtain Your White Card

Before you go further, make sure you obtain your white cardThe white card allows workers to complete construction site jobs and tasks.

It’s vital accreditation for all workers on construction sites, even if the worker isn’t directly involved in the manual work. Luckily, getting a white card is very simple; simply attend a white card course to start the process.

#3 Seek Qualifications

Once you’ve got your white card, it’s well worth getting qualifications to help refine and hone your skills. Qualifications are not necessary for every job. However, some project managers appreciate seeing qualifications before hiring a new team member. These qualifications provide some reassurance that you’re able to perform in the field.

#4 Take on an Apprenticeship

different roles for construction workers

After your qualifications, an apprenticeship or entry-level construction job is helpful. This allows you to develop your skills in the real world. You’ll also get paid for your time, albeit at a lower rate than a normal full-time worker.

Apprenticeships are generally advertised on main job listings. But don’t be afraid to reach out in advance to put your name in.

#5 Complete your Certificates

Now, you will need to complete your construction certificates to prove your skills and knowledge in the industry. There are three certificates for construction workers. These include Certificates I, II, and III.

Generally, most construction certificate courses run for several weeks. During that time, they provide the basic knowledge you need to know to start working.

#6 Create your CV

Many people overlook the value of a CV, especially if applying for a first job or apprenticeship. However, feel free to brag yourself up a bit. This increases the chances of future employers seeing your potential.

Your CV should be simultaneously in-depth and to the point. Remember: you need to show off your skills clearly. However, an overly long CV may risk the reader getting bored and missing important points.

Only include information that genuinely adds value to your application. Still, don’t be afraid to briefly include more minor achievements if you learned something valuable from experience.

#7 Find an Employer

an image of a construction worker monitoring and supervising the construction operations at a construction site

By now, you’re nearly ready to begin working as a construction worker! All that’s left to do is to begin looking for an employer in the construction industry to work with.

Of course, you could begin your own self-employed business. However, most workers will choose employment with a dedicated construction company for stability. But, for the most versatile job opportunities overall, why not start with a labour hire team in Australia instead?

Working for labour hire businesses offers countless benefits. You’ll have the opportunity to work on countless projects. With constantly changing infrastructure and a new workplace regularly, it’s the ideal role for anyone who loves a challenge.

Don’t just settle for a mundane or average construction job. Why not choose labour hire and enjoy full training, health and safety, and diverse career opportunities?

Final Thoughts

If you have been looking to begin a new career in the construction industry, there’s rarely been a better time to get started. Construction workers are currently in massive demand. As such, once you begin working as a construction worker, you know you’ll be in for a great time.

Contact Fast Labour Hire today to learn more about joining our amazing team of construction workers!

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