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Best Trades in Australia

By fastlabourhire • Dec 30th 2022
Best Trades in Australia

It’s not always easy to answer questions such as “what are the best trades in Australia?” Indeed, working as a tradie offers countless amazing benefits. No wonder so many people have branched out their careers to begin working as tradies, too! In fact, almost one-third of Australians work in tradie roles – how cool is that?

But if you have ever wondered what it takes to work as a happy tradie, there’s a lot to think about. Luckily, we’ve outlined some of the best trades in Australia to help you find your dream new career.

So, if you’re looking for one of the happiest jobs in Australia, these might be right up your street. Tradie careers are secure, well paid, and always in high demand. So, you know they’ll give you plenty of work – making the career opportunities more exciting than ever.

What Makes The Best Trades in Australia So Popular?

highest paying jobs australia

First of all, it’s important that we clarify why tradie jobs in Australia are so immensely popular. Of course, there’s more than just one reason for this. In fact, there are several different reasons that tradie careers are so amazing for workers. Some of the main benefits of working as a tradie include the following points.

Average Salary

They say that money can’t buy happiness, and that’s definitely true. However, money can buy a lot of things to make life feel more comfortable, which is worth keeping in mind.

As such, if you have been looking to begin working as a tradie in Australia, it’s good to know that the average salary is high. When you start working as a tradie, you’ll be confident of a good wage once you’re suitably experienced.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Good Salary?

Most people will begin making good money for their work within a few years. If you’re just starting out, an apprenticeship can offer an excellent option to get into the career.

Generally speaking, the national average tradie salary in Australia is around $80,000 per year. This is much higher than the average income across all fields of about $52,000. As such, tradies are comfortably in the highest-paid groups in society in many cases.

So, if you’re looking for a well-paying business to enter, working as a tradie – on average – can be a great option. But remember, you may need time to work up to this stage. Luckily, this is made easy with professional labour hire firms. These offer complete training and development opportunities!

Job Security

Times can feel a little unstable at the moment. With this thought in mind, job security is perhaps even more important than ever. Luckily, this is something that tradie roles cover in spades.

Indeed, the demand for people who hold qualifications and experience in tradesperson fields is huge. As such, people working in trade roles (e.g., as an electrician, plumbers, engineering experts, carpenters and joiners) are in high demand.

This means that you can count on good job security. Many Australian businesses just can’t afford to let their tradies go elsewhere!

Regular Challenges

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A key benefit of working as a trade expert is that there are countless challenges to keep you engaged.

No matter your specific role, the relevant challenges will always be interesting and exciting. It might be the ideal way to ensure your career gives you the success and happiness you deserve. After all, few things are duller than a career that doesn’t require you to use your skills!

An Engaging, Active Career

When you begin working full time as a tradesperson, you’ll quickly realize that you’re always on the go. While some people might find this tiring, this is great news if you love your job!

Indeed, in many cases, workers in trade fields love the exciting opportunities presented to them. You’ll have the chance to explore your local area and help with countless systems and projects. And, since trade person skills are transferrable, you know your qualifications will be valuable, no matter where you live.

Opportunities for Growth

top 16 happiest jobs in australia

Have you been looking for a career that could provide opportunities for growth? If so, the highest paid trade roles could be right for you.

Indeed, whether you study at university or have been looking for a way to obtain an apprenticeship, trade roles should suit. National opportunities for training and growth are numerous for trades people.

So, no matter the company you work for, there could be great opportunities to boost your knowledge of different services. You could even progress through the ranks to become a director one day. And, of course, new opportunities come with great annual benefits.

Top 16 Best Trades in Australia

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By now, you may be wondering: which of the different commercial trade roles is best? Tradespeople are in huge demand these days, especially in Australia’s construction industry. After all, as things continue to grow, the need for tradies and technicians only gets higher!

Large infrastructural projects in Australia’s capital cities mean tradies are needed more than ever.

list of the forty most in-demand jobs in Australia highlights the jobs with the greatest growth potential. Warehouse workers rank number 1. Then, many other trade roles feature ahead of others, such as solicitors, engineers, and doctors.

TAFE also suggest a further 7 high paying trades in Australia as great career options.

Best Trades to Work For

job satisfaction jobs that pay well

Trades can offer countless excellent benefits. However, every career path is unique. And, of course, each role will provide unique benefits and challenges. The ones that best match your preferences and goals will vary, of course.

With that being said, our choice for the top 16 trades in the country, and their respective pay brackets, include:

  1. Warehouse Workers — if working in a fast paced, challenging, and active environment sounds good to you, warehouse work could be ideal. Warehouse workers usually make around $55,000 yearly.
  2. Stonemasons — Stonemasons provide a vital service that’s both fulfilling and varied with plenty of opportunities to problem solve and work out how to fix new or damaged stone structures. The average pay for stonemasons annually is around $65,000.
  3. Bricklayers — few things are more rewarding than seeing that your work makes a real difference. Bricklaying roles provide exactly this. Common salaries around around $65,000.
  4. Plumbers — Generally, plumbers make around $80,000 per year in Australia, on average. The ever-changing nature of the job makes it an excellent option to consider for anyone who loves challenges. Plus, you’ll always be solving problems, making it highly rewarding.
  5. Electricians  Electricians offer crucial services for every property in Australia, making their work highly rewarding. Electricians earn around $85,000 per year, when experienced.
  6. Carpenters — The challenge of working with wood and creating new products is hugely exciting for many people, offering a great job role that allows you to get creative. Carpenters make around $80,000 to $85,000 a year.
  7. Joiners — Joiners work closely alongside carpenters, making it a great job for team players. The active nature of joiner job roles ensures that you’ll never have chance to get bored. Joiners usually make around $70,000 per year.
  8. Machinists — Machinists are responsible for working with numerous large machines, such as grinders, milling machines, and lathes. It’s a highly rewarding job role that pays around $75,000.
  9. Wall and floor tilers — Tiling can often offer a highly rewarding job role, especially when a job comes together well. Tiling pays around $65,000 to $70,000 per year.
  10. Fitters — Fitters are responsible for working with numerous different metal parts, often working to schematics and diagrams. The role pays around $85,000 per year.
  11. Painters — Painters often have an incredibly enjoyable job, and so it’s no wonder that it’s one of the happiest trades. Pay is around $65,000 per year.
  12. Construction/site manager  Managing construction sites is a complex process, but one that’s incredibly fulfilling when the project begins coming together. Experienced managers make around $130,000 per year.
  13. Boilermakers — Boilermakers are often responsible for making new boilers and repairing damaged systems, making their work incredibly rewarding for people who love a challenge. Average pay is around $90,000 per year.
  14. Roofers — There’s something of a thrill when working at heights (even with safety equipment). No wonder roofing can be such a satisfying job role. Roofers usually make around $80,000 per year.
  15. HVAC technicians — Providing numerous different services, HVAC technicians are always on the move. This provides plenty of room to learn new skills and gets you away from an office-based environment. HVAC technicians often make around $90,000.
  16. Air conditioning technician — If you’d prefer to specialise in one form of HVAC work, air conditioning technicians are often in high demand in Australia and provide hugely important services. Pay is often around $75,000 to $80,000.

Each offers slightly different challenges and opportunities. So, no matter which option you go for, make sure you choose the one that’s right for you. How well paying the role is doesn’t immediately make it the best job for your happiness!

What Affects Job Satisfaction For Trades?

job satisfaction job that pay well

Financial security isn’t the only factor when considering job satisfaction. Of course, the construction industry has some of the highest paying jobs in Australia. Yet, tradies, employers, and managers still look for more.

Workplace Environments

You might already have the “best job in the world” from a commercial perspective. But what would make it one of the happiest jobs in Australia would be your workplace environment. In other words: it’s where you work and who you work with.

No wonder many skilled tradies now seek work through a labour hire company. All they have to do is present their resumé. The labour hire company does the rest! They consult with the manager-employer, check out the worksite, and ensure proper WHS. They also handle all the paperwork (invoicing, pay, and entitlements).

The tradie is now employed in a good work environment Plus, the manager is confident they have the best worker for the job until the project is finished.

Great Colleagues

Two potential problems when working on construction sites are unreliable and undervalued employees.

Fast Labour Hire has a thorough recruitment and vetting process for all of our tradespeople. We supply only trustworthy, punctual employees. All of our team members are screened for their work ethic, professional attitude, and ability to get on with others.

Our teams are prepared with all appropriate PPE. And, if someone is sick on the day, we replace them with another amazing team member, just as skilled, in a few hours.

We look after our tradies by ensuring the work they’re given engages their skills. This increases the opportunity of learning new talents and makes the job more enjoyable! Plus, we handle all the paperwork. So they are paid on time with the correct entitlements.

Overall, this ensures our teams are happy to be working and make great colleagues!

Job Security

Many of us feel insecure about our employment prospects in today’s unstable work environment. Businesses have folded. Projects have paused. Even now, people still wonder how the world after Covid lockdowns will continue to move.

Luckily, tradies don’t need to worry. Site managers are more aware of encouraging staff morale. After all, workplace happiness leads to fewer mistakes and sick days. This, in turn, results in improved productivity.


Have you been struggling to find the ideal trade role for your needs? If so, then we’d strongly recommend one of our 12 top picks. If you’re still unsure, however, the two following FAQs might help.

Which Trade is Most in Demand in Australia?

The most in-demand trade isn’t always clear. Still, construction managers and electricians are generally among the most in-demand trades. This is due to a lack of skilled workers. Thus, such roles are always in high demand and understaffed.

What is the Highest Paying Trade Job in Australia?

Do you feel undervalued or overstretched in your current job? Why not give a labour agency like Fast Labour Hire a call? We can help discuss any freelancing prospects with you easily.

labour hire agency can place you in the best role for your skills and personality.

If you work in one of the 16 best trades in Australia and want to find the right employers, contact Fast Labour Hire today.

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