Looking for one of the happiest jobs in Australia that is secure, well paid and will give you plenty of work? If you’re a tradie, you’re in luck!

Top 12 happiest jobs in Australia 

Tradespeople are much in demand these days, especially in Australia’s construction industry that continues to grow despite lockdowns.

Large infrastructure projects in Australia’s capital cities means that tradies are needed more than ever.

A list of the forty most in-demand jobs in Australia this year with the greatest growth potential lists warehouse workers at number 1, with many other trades featuring ahead of solicitors, engineers and doctors.

TAFE suggests another 7 highest paying trades in Australia as great career options.

Here’s our list of trades that provide job satisfaction:

  1. warehouse workers
  2. stonemasons
  3. bricklayers
  4. plumbers
  5. electricians
  6. carpenters
  7. fitters
  8. painters
  9. construction/site manager
  10. boilermaker
  11. tiler
  12. air conditioning technician.

What affects job satisfaction for trades

Jobs that pay well aren’t the only factor when considering job satisfaction. Even though the construction industry has some of the highest paying jobs in Australia, tradies, employers and managers are looking for more.


Workplace environment

image about a tradie beeing satisfied with his job in Australia

You could have the best job in the world but what would make it one of the happiest jobs in Australia would be where you work and who you work with.

Many skilled tradies for that reason now look for work through a labour hire company.

They present their resumé and the labour hire company does the rest. They consult with the manager-employer, check out the worksite to check that the job is suitable and that proper

WHS is carried out, and handle all the paperwork (invoicing, pay and entitlements).

The tradie is now employed in a good work environment and the manager is confident that they have the best worker for the job until the project is finished.

Great employees

Two problems with working on construction sites are the unreliable employee and the one who feels undervalued.

Fast Labour Hire has a thorough recruitment and vetting process for all tradespeople on its extensive database, and we supply only trustworthy, punctual employees who have been screened for their work ethic, professional attitude and ability to get on with others.

They come prepared with all appropriate PPE, and if they are sick on the day, we replace them with one just as skilled within a few hours.

We take care of all the tradies that we send out by ensuring the work they will be given to do will engage their skills and increase the opportunity of learning new ones.

As we handle their paperwork, they will be paid on time with the correct entitlements.

Job security

In today’s unstable work environment, many employees are unhappy and feeling insecure in their employment prospects.

Businesses have folded, projects have paused, people are wondering what the world after Covid lockdowns will look like.

Tradies have no need to worry. Site managers are now aware of encouraging the morale of their employees as happiness in the workplace leads to fewer mistakes and sick days which in turn results in improved productivity.

Would you like to be a happy tradie?

If you are feeling undervalued or overstretched in your current job, why not give a labour agency like Fast Labour Hire a call to discuss freelancing prospects for yourself.

A labour hire agency will be able to place you in the best workplace for your skills and personality.

If you work in one of the 12 happiest jobs in Australia and want to be placed with the right employers, contact Fast Labour Hire today