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How Labour Hire Can Improve Your Construction Business

By fastlabourhire • Apr 29th 2021
How Labour Hire Can Improve Your Construction Business

Did you know that hiring labour hire could actually improve your construction business? Here’s how.

1 Cost saving

labour hire company has a larger database than most construction companies. It can advertise, interview, check references, hire and train labour hire, saving you HR costs. It will also handle payroll, workers entitlements, insurances and superannuation, reducing admin costs in your business.

Labour hire is hired part-time, meaning you only employ and pay workers when you need them; for instance, when your full-time workers are on sick leave. It is also cheaper to hire specialist labour hire than training an employee in a skill that will not be needed again.

2 Time saving

If you interview and choose someone who’s not quite right, the whole process begins again, wasting everyone’s time. A labour hire company has the expertise to choose the right employee and match him or her with the right host employer.

Even when you’ve found the right person, do you have the time and staff to induct and train the new labour hire worker? A labour hire company will not only do this but will check out the worksite and liaise with the OH&S rep and the worker to see that everything is compliant and a good fit.

3 Less stress

what is skilled labour hire

Overworked employees make for an unhappy work environment. They don’t work as hard or make mistakes. Labour hire, especially in skilled trades, alleviates the stress from full-time employees, project managers and business owners with their years of experience, a willingness to work hard and the ability to do the job required.

4 Flexibility

Many construction jobs have periods of peak demand. Hiring from a labour hire company in those times allows you flexibility to employ the right people just for when you need them.

5 Expertise and experience

Labour hire agencies have many tradies and others with specialised skills that you lack. They have worked on many construction sites and adjust quickly to working in different teams. Some have overseas qualifications that bring a fresh approach to mainstream jobs. At Fast Labour Hire, we supply only workers with at least two years’ experience.

6 Access to multiple skills

Construction projects need specialised skills and trades at different stages. A contractor will have one or two skilled tradespeople on its books – a labour hire company will have thousands, all fully vetted, certified and ready to go.

7 Improved performance

Employing labour hire employees will be a bonus for your full-time staff as they share their industry knowledge and experience with others. This will assist your own workers to gain new skills and improve their performance, a plus for any employer.

Fast Labour Hire is a labour hire company in Melbourne with one of Victoria’s largest databases. Call us today for all your labour hire requirements!

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