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Skilled Labourer vs General Labourer – Do You Know What You Need?

By fastlabourhire • Apr 15th 2021
Skilled Labourer vs General Labourer – Do You Know What You Need?

When looking for labour hire for your construction project, it pays to know in advance if you need a skilled or a general labourer so that you don’t hire the wrong type. This will be determined by the specific job you want to employ them for.

What is a General Labourer?

general labourer that provides services in Melbourne

general labourer, also known as an unskilled labourer, is one who has no qualifications in a particular industry or field. Nevertheless, even without years or specialised knowledge and experience, general labourers are a valuable complement to full-time labour force as they ensure projects are finished efficiently.

They are available for basic tasks on site. For instance, general labourers can be hired to move materials, assist with deliveries, dig, use basic tools, set up and clean up sites, remove rubbish and so on.

General labourers usually find themselves working outdoors and in most weather conditions.

Though they may have no specific qualifications, all general labourers still need to arrive at any job with a current White Card and any required PPE equipment such as a hard hat, steel toe capped boots and high visibility clothing.

All Fast Labour Hire general labourers have a White Card to show that they have completed the mandatory OH&S General Construction Induction course and therefore are permitted to work safely on any construction site across Australia.

Even though they are called ‘general’ labourers, they may have specific qualifications such as a forklift licence.

Fast Labour Hire can supply a range of general labourers with these extra abilities, and all Fast Labour Hire general labourers come with the mandatory certifications and equipment and have had at least two years’ prior work experience on constructions sites.

We also ensure that they are able to follow instructions, are physically fit and willing and able to work long hours.

Attributes of our FLH Labourers

At Fast Labour Hire, ‘no qualifications’ does not translate into ‘no work ethic’. We will only supply a general labourer who is punctual, is confident and experienced with using appropriate tools, has good references, fills in time sheets and works well on a team.

What Is A Skilled Labourer?

hire labourers in Melbourne

skilled labourer, as the title suggests, is one who has a special skill or specialised knowledge in a certain trade. They generally have a higher level of education, with at least a TAFE qualification.

Their years of construction experience means that they don’t need to be unsupervised and are able to make appropriate work decisions on the spot.

Some examples of skilled labourers include bricklayers, carpenters, demolition experts, drivers, electricians, fitters and turners, heavy equipment and plant operators, landscapers, plumbers and scaffolders.

They are experts in such things as the use of power and hand tools, assisting other tradesmen on site and in demolition work.

In addition, immigrant skilled labourers from countries in Europe and the United Kingdom have overseas trade qualifications that are not recognised in Australia.

These qualifications and their expertise will add value to your work project.

Hiring skilled labourers from Fast Labour Hire will save you time and money as their skills are available just for when they are needed for a particular job on site.

All our skilled labourers have current licences and tickets suitable for work on construction sites.

What skilled labourers and general labourers from Fast Labour Hire have in common is we recruit only the best in the industry, having thoroughly vetted them for previous experience and references.

They all work to our high standards of efficiency and punctuality, proud of the fact that Fast Labour Hire sends out only the most qualified and appropriate labourer for the job you want.

All our labourers are safety conscious. Fast Labour Hire also takes its safety responsibilities seriously by carrying out regular site inspections and liaising with site OH&S reps and labourers.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what type of labourer you need. At Fast Labour Hire, we are here to answer all your queries regarding labour hire.

Whether you want skilled or general labourers, Fast Labour Hire has one of Melbourne’s most extensive databases of both kinds.

Contact us today for all your labour hire requirements.

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