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The 7 Biggest Labour Hire Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

By fastlabourhire • Jul 4th 2021
The 7 Biggest Labour Hire Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

When it comes to hiring a person for your company, it can get easy to be caught up in expectations or assumptions. There are those candidates who seem to have everything you could ask for in an employee-an impressive curriculum vitae, a promising interview, and passion for the job. But when the actual work began, they would vastly underperform or even cause disruptions within the team. Eventually, you would have to replace them and begin another search for the next candidate.

Besides being draining on the employer’s part, replacing employees at a fast rate is expensive and counterproductive. Moreover, having a high turnover can affect workplace morale and productivity, which helps avoid the common labour hire mistakes.

The 7 Biggest Labour Hire Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Using the Interview as the Defining Criteria

biggest labour hire mistakes

There is no doubt that the interview is an essential aspect of the hiring process. However, recruiters can make the mistake of only relying on it to choose a candidate. In an interview, candidates may be showing a version of themselves that is not their common work state. This presentation may either overcompensate or underrepresent their capabilities. There is also the chance that the interviewer has inherent biases or fails to see beyond “first impressions.”

Instead, you can consider incorporating a test or hypothetical scenario in the interview. This method will allow the interviewee to think beyond the confines of the usual questions.

Posting a Misleading Job Description

Some employers tend to stray from the accurate description of a vacancy. Although this practice may attract more candidates, it can be damaging because candidates who come in might not fit the role that you are looking for. Therefore, when sending out a call for candidates, it helps to keep things simple.

A list of responsibilities, qualifications, and other job roles should be enough to cover the basics. Avoid making promises relating to compensation and opportunities if you cannot provide them; this could backfire on the company. Likewise, promising a promotion or other benefits might cause future employees to resign due to false promises.

Preconceptions and Biases

As much as people want to be objective in hiring, we can have internal biases. We might not be aware of these, but there are instances when some factors affect our perception:

  • similar educational backgrounds
  • ethnicity or race
  • age
  • gender

To avoid this, remember to view candidates based on their job capabilities. A skills-based assessment allows you to fine-tune your search to the best-qualified candidates.

Another great way is to always be on the lookout for new staff. Have a career section on your website so if anyone is looking to work, they can find you only. A great example of this is on Nationwide Appliance Repairs Website.

Being Too Picky

It is understandable for companies to want the best candidates, but one must remember that there is no “perfect employee.” Some recruiters tend to wait for the person who will seamlessly fit the bill, and this can cause further imbalance to the workplace if the post is already vacant. The remaining workers might have to work overtime or take on multiple roles. This process is not only draining but also costs more because of compensation.

Make sure to look for someone who fits your qualifications and can blend in with the company culture. Employment is also an avenue for learning, and they can continue to grow while working. Nobody is “perfect” on their first day on the job.

Turning Away Overqualified Candidates

mistakes business make when hiring

A lot of companies prefer hiring fresh graduates or those with just the right amount of experience. However, rejecting an overqualified candidate may cause you to miss out on a brilliant mind.

Having someone with considerable experience may help bring learning experiences to the workplace. Other employees can learn from them, even if they might not stay on the job for a significant amount of time.

Ben from Quality Appliance Repair in Melbourne says this “It is a must we have someone who has considerable experience in our team. It isimportant that the new candidate coming in has proper training. If they feel like they are learning and growing, they tend to stick around for longer”

Rushing the Hiring Process

While any vacancy can be a pressing concern, it does not mean that you should compromise quality. Hiring someone to fill the post may affect the company’s output and affect relationships with clients. Make sure to find the right balance between urgency and the selection process. Hiring an underqualified candidate will cause you to train them, which costs more time and resources.

Pressuring the New Hire

While companies thrive on pushing their employees’ potential, it can be toxic and pressuring if you expect too much from them right away. New hires need a few weeks to fully immerse themselves in the culture and dynamics of a workplace. These tactics might help:

  • Make sure that the onboarding process is welcoming, informative, and open.
  • Try to encourage them to ask questions to clear up misconceptions.
  • Try to set up meetings to help you evaluate their progress and wellbeing.

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