There can be problems with employing outside workers that make host employers reluctant to hire from a labour hire agency. Avoid the most common labour hire problems with advice from one of Melbourne’s most active labour hire agencies, Fast Labour Hire.


1 ‘It’s a cost-saving measure’

Building and infrastructure costs run into the billions so to say within budget is paramount. However, trying to use labour hire on the cheap by hiring from an unlicensed labour hire agency is not only unwise – it’s illegal!

If host employers foolishly choose to use unlicensed labour hire, they could be fined more than $500,000. Even just trying to avoid or circle around obligations imposed by the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 could leave employers, and even suppliers, substantially poorer. Always check that your labour hire agency is licensed.

There is a big gap between sticking to a budget and cutting costs in inappropriate places. You get what you pay for.

Fast Labour Hire is one of Melbourne’s largest and licensed labour hire agencies.

2 ´He doesn´t fit in´

labour hire problems

A common labour hire problem is that the employer does not actually employ the labour hire employee. The labour hire agency does, and it is responsible for their pay and entitlements.

This can mean that the labour hire worker does not always overtime pay, workplace protections and entitlements such as annual leave and sick leave.

They can feel undervalued which leads to tensions in the workplace and can harm the reputation of an innocent employer.

Fast Labour Hire knows and implements our obligations to all our employees. You will never have problems with delayed pay and entitlements.

3 ‘They didn’t show up!’

Do the casual workers turn up on time, with all their tools and PPE? Do they have a great work attitude? Do they even know that they are meant to turn up the next day?

This can be a severe inconvenience on site, with a domino effect that delays the project and hampers supply chains.

Fast Labour Hire sends out reliable labour hire workers who know the importance of punctuality and schedules.

Our extensive database means that if the assigned worker is sick on the day, or can’t attend for whatever reason, we can supply an equally experienced skilled employee in their place within two hours.

4 ‘It’s late, but can we…?’

Late supplies, equipment broken down – some labour hire problems are beyond control. Circumstances can change within a few minutes.

Fast Labour Hire has a large database of labour hire trade skills so you can be sure we will supply who you need any time of the day or night, whenever you need them.

5 ‘What’s a spade?’

confused construction worker

Another common labour hire problem is when the labour hire agency sends workers who don’t know what they’re doing. This holds up the project and, more seriously, could endanger themselves and others.

Fast Labour Hire guarantees that every worker on our database has been thoroughly screened, with references, tickets, licences and visas checked.

They all have at least two years’ training and work experience in their skilled field.

6 ´What timesheet?´

weekly construction timesheet

‘I lost it.’ ‘I’m sure it’s home somewhere.’ ‘I must have thrown it out by mistake.’ How many excuses have you heard for why labourers haven’t filled in their time sheets?

At Fast Labour Hire, we handle all that with electronic accounting software that come with online time sheets. A few clicks on the mobile and the hours are in the system.

7 ‘I don’t remember hiring him!’

A common labour problem is when a labour hire agency sends out, say, an electrician every day, but it’s a different person each time. Wasted time is now spent on further induction, introductions to relevant personnel and explanations of the project.

One of Fast Labour Hire’s key values is quality assurance. We understand the value of the same worker turning up to begin, do and complete the project, saving time and money, and ensuring that the project achieves a consistent level of attention and expertise.

Hiring a Fast Labour Hire worker will avoid these most common labour hire problems. Contact us today for all your labour hire needs.