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Skilled Labourer vS general labourer

Building and construction projects need a mix of labourer jobs, which means you will need to hire skilled and general labourers.

Fast labour hire is built on a team of construction professionals, both on site and management based. This industry knowledge can’t be gained through a degree in recruiting that’s why Fast Labour Hire stands out from the rest. We have the ability to provide the best general labour for your team.

At Fast Labour Hire we understand the need for different skillsets for different tasks allowing us to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients. We appreciate that some tasks fall under the scope of a qualified tradesman but over that of a general labourer.

That’s where Fast labour hire skilled labourers excel and provide a cost maximising solution.

Our skilled labourers come with a minimum 3 years’ construction experience in a specific field, such as carpentry, joinery or OHS management.

They have developed skills to effectively complete skilled tasks with no supervision, plus identify hazards and risks and mitigate them. Liaise directly with management and other trades involved in the works freeing up the time of the principal contractors site management.

Furthermore, Fast Labour Hire understands a skilled labourer requires tools to complete the works efficiently. That’s why we supply all construction-based tools needed for the works, impact drill, circular saw, hammer drill, grinder etc (which are all Tested and Tagged every 3 months).


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How We Find The Best Skilled Labourers in Melbourne For Your Projects

There are two ways of finding skilled labour: through recruitment agencies or labour hire agencies.

Recruitment agencies will send you lists of names of possible workers but you still have to do the interviewing and screening of the candidates. That could take up to 5 weeks to find the right person, so most employers take a gamble and hope that they have made the right choice. Your bookkeeper will now use valuable time away from your full-time employees when organising their pay and entitlements, and your HR department (if you have one!) will have to sort out workers compensation issues if and when they arise.

The quickest and easiest way to find skilled labourers is through a labour hire agency, and skilled labour hire is worth paying for. Fast Labour Hire has not only already screened skilled workers, but we will handle payroll and entitlements as well as workers compensation, saving you and your staff time and money.

As there is a large amount of work available for skilled labourers, we at Fast Labour Hire take our responsibilities towards our skilled workers seriously.

For instance, we ensure that every skilled worker has:

  • 3 years minimum experience in specific field
  • All tools required for the works
  • Competent in hazard and risk identification
  • Mitigation and control of risks
  • Full PPE

In fact, if you’re not satisfied with the skilled labourers that we send you, we will replace them free of charge within the first 4 hours!

At Fast Labour Hire, we can find the best skilled labourers for your project. Contact us today!


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