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Skilled Labourer vS general labourer

Building and construction projects need a mix of labourer jobs, which means you will need to hire skilled and general labourers.

General labourers don’t need educational qualification as their work is essentially physical, with low pay. Nevertheless, you should only hire a general labourer who has a good work ethic: that is, someone who turns up on time, knows how to use appropriate tools, has some experience and good references, fills in time sheets punctually and works well on a team.

Skilled labourers are paid more highly as they have specialised knowledge of their own trade and industry, more experience, are able to work unsupervised and have the capacity to make instant and beneficial work decisions.

As well as these desired attributes, Fast Labour Hire’s skilled labourers have also achieved a higher level of education, with at least a TAFE qualification.

As well as being able to complete lower-level tasks, many of our skilled labourers from overseas locations such as the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe have overseas trade qualifications that are not recognised in Australia, so they bring that expertise into your work project.

Some examples of skilled labourers that we supply are bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, scaffolders, landscapers, demolition experts, fitters and turners, heavy equipment and plant operators, drivers, farm hand workers (e.g. irrigators and header drivers) and warehouse and store personnel.


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How We Find The Best Skilled Labourers For Your Projects

There are two ways of finding skilled labour: through recruitment agencies or labour hire agencies.

Recruitment agencies will send you lists of names of possible workers but you still have to do the interviewing and screening of the candidates. That could take up to 5 weeks to find the right person, so most employers take a gamble and hope that they have made the right choice. Your bookkeeper will now use valuable time away from your full-time employees when organising their pay and entitlements, and your HR department (if you have one!) will have to sort out workers compensation issues if and when they arise.

The quickest and easiest way to find skilled labourers is through a labour hire agency, and skilled labour hire is worth paying for. Fast Labour Hire has not only already screened skilled workers, but we will handle payroll and entitlements as well as workers compensation, saving you and your staff time and money.

As there is a large amount of work available for skilled labourers, we at Fast Labour Hire take our responsibilities towards our skilled workers seriously.

For instance, we ensure that every skilled worker:

  • is fully vetted with background checks
  • has a current White Card
  • has a minimum of 6 months’ minimum experience
  • wears full protective equipment including hard hat, boots, hi-viz clothing, gloves and glasses
  • is supplied with battery-powered tools, impact and circular saws, hammer drills, grinder etc., tested and tagged every 3 months
  • is competent in hazard identification and able to carry out the control of risks associated with the specific role
  • follows Work Health & Safety and Hazardous manual handling 2019 and other required Australian codes of practice. (The Safe Work Australia website is an extensive resource with many helpful documents that are downloadable.)

In fact, if you’re not satisfied with the skilled labourers that we send you, we will replace them free of charge within the first 4 hours!

At Fast Labour Hire, we can find the best skilled labourers for your project. Contact us today!


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