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If you need to find a hoist operator in Brisbane, Fast Labour Hire has one of largest databases of hoist operators ready and able to work on any construction project.

In Australia’s ever-increasing building industry, construction hoist operators are in demand more than ever before. We supply hoist drivers from Indooroopilly to Ipswich and across metropolitan Brisbane.

What a hoist operator in Brisbane does

Hoist operators are an integral part of the construction project. They allow personnel and materials to be transported to the required level, safely and effectively. The introduction of a hoist speeds up the construction process and creates a safer environment for the on site workers

A hoist operator in Brisbane should have experience operating various mobile and stationary cranes and be trained to use other hoisting equipment in construction, including movable pulleys and winches and basic items such as ropes. A hoist operator in Brisbane will hold a high risk ticket that allows them to operate and control either a materials hoist or personnel hoist. They will be competent in assessing the machine prior to starting each day, and will know how to operate in a safe and efficient manner.

They should be trained to:

  • Test the hoist before use to ensure safety
  • Operate all controls and attachments
  • Work with other team members, ensuring they are transported safely
  • Work with team members to book in lifts and ensure materials are transported when needed
  • Monitor plant operation, instruments and gauges to detect malfunctions and problems.


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Why employ a Fast Labour Hire hoist operator in Brisbane

Each hoist driver from Fast Labour Hire comes fully trained with the appropriate licences and at least two years of experience in hoist operations. They are trained to operate both personnel and material hoists.

In their down-time on site, they don’t just hang around. They will load material when needed and clean surrounding areas.

All Fast Labour Hire hoist operators are able to:

  • follow directions and work well with others
  • understand protocols of safety and operations
  • pay attention to detail
  • possess excellent analytical, communication and time-management skills
  • keep areas clean of debris
  • can assist in an emergency.
Mechanical skills are just the beginning when it comes to employing labour hire on your team. Fast Labour Hire chooses only the best hoist drivers to include on our database. We vet all hoist operators in Brisbane for the ability to communicate clearly and accurately, work happily in a team and display a professional attitude at all times. We guarantee that the hoist operators in Brisbane that we supply are punctual, remain alert on the job and can contribute positively to your project and team culture.

frequently asked questions

How quickly can you supply a hoist operator in Brisbane?

We are called Fast Labour Hire because we can get a hoist operator to your site within 24 hours.

Hoist operation is a high-risk job. How equipped are your hoist operators to cope with potential dangers?

Fast Labour Hire embraces the importance of WHS on site, so much so that we have implemented the best health and safety systems available in the industry. Each hoist driver we supply turn up with white cards and full PPE including hard hat, safety boots, hi viz, gloves and glasses. They are competent in hazard identification and follow Work Health & Safety & Hazardous Manual Handling 2018.

Will your hoist operator fit in to my construction team?

Our screening process ensures that every hoist operator we send you has the willingness and ability to get on with others. They are good at following directions and also working autonomously.

Are you searching for the best hoist operators in Brisbane? Go no further! Call us at Fast Labour Hire today.


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