Providing reliable and experienced general labourers you can trust.

Finding general labourers the fast labour hire way

Looking for reliable general labourers in Melbourne? Fast Labour Hire supplies the best general labourers across Melbourne and environs.

At Fast Labour Hire, we have a reputation for supplying competent, accountable general labourers to the construction, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. Our general labourers come with the knowledge desired and expected from our clients, to complete the work in a safe and efficient manner.

Before starting at Fast Labour Hire, we ensure we complete our background checks to eliminate any underperforming candidates.

We guarantee our general labourers demonstrate a minimum 1 year on site experience and have the ability to work autonomously and within a team.


General construction labourer

All Fast Labour Hire general labourers come with the mandatory certifications and equipment.

Occupational Health and Safety

Fast labour Hire has implemented a robust OH&S system and every general labourer is trained and inducted on our processes prior to attending the job. Providing you the client, with peace of mind that they will conduct themselves in a safe manor and not endanger anyone surrounding them.

White Card

All Fast Labour Hire general labourers have a White Card (formerly known as a Blue Card) to show that they have completed an OH&S General Construction Induction course and therefore are permitted to work safely on any construction site across Australia. White Cards do not expire but they do become invalid when the labourer has not worked on a construction site for two consecutive years.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Coupled with Fast Labour Hires’ robust OHS procedures, they ensure all general labourers at a minimum, bring to site the following PPE:

  • Hard hat
  • Safety boots
  • High visibility clothing
  • Gloves, glasses, ear protection and face masks

The teams allocating the general labourers go over and above and speak directly to each client prior to the commencement of each shift to ensure any additional PPE requirements have been discussed.

So next time you require a general labourer for your residential, commercial, industrial or factory project reach out and let Fast Labour Hire supply the best general labourer for the job.


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general labourers in Melbourne

Looking For General Labourers In Melbourne?

The best way to find the most appropriate general labourers when you need them is to hire them through a labour hire agency. All labour hire employees have already been selected for their skill set, certifications and attitude.

At Fast Labour Hire, even though there are no formal qualifications required to be a general labourer, we make sure the worker is physically fit, willing and able to work long hours, able to work with others in a team setting and importantly, able to follow instructions.

Fast Labour Hire also solve the five most common labour hire problems.

Absent workers

It’s Monday morning and your project manager calls you to say that he can’t continue with today’s tasks until the rubbish is cleared up. However, the general labourer who was supposed to do that is nowhere to be found. Fast Labour Hire values its reputation and will only send you responsible general labourers.

Inexperienced workers

Everyone has a first day on the job, but your project doesn’t need to be the one to give them that first chance. Fast Labour Hire will send you experienced labourers with specialised skills that line up with what you need them to do.

Submitting timesheets

Some workers don’t seem to understand that to get paid, they need to fill in the paperwork. With Fast Labour Hire on board, you won’t even have to handle the pay, let alone the entitlements.

Swapping workers

This can affect team dynamics, the quality of the work done and time delays as assignments and procedures need to be explained to each new person. Hiring through Fast Labour Hire ensures consistent personnel.

Late requests

The nature of the job may change after the initial brief. This can be a problem for general labourers as they may have other commitments or not have the requisite skills. Some labour hire agencies might not have the required workers available or on their books which could become a problem for them – but not for Fast Labour Hire.

If you’d like the headache taken out of looking for general labour, contact us today at Fast Labour Hire.


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