Hire the best traffic controllers with Fast Labour Hire

Fast Labour Hire supplies experienced traffic controllers across the whole of Melbourne, from the CBD to the outer suburbs.

Traffic controllers are employed to manage traffic flow around construction sites, infrastructure upgrades, council tree-lopping, storm damaged streets and so on. They range in skill from the person holding the ‘stop/go’ sign up to project managers who plan alternative routes for major traffic routes.

Construction and government transport work continued throughout Covid lockdown and is still booming. Traffic controllers are needed more than ever. Where do you go to find trustworthy traffic controllers hire? And where do traffic controllers go to get substantial work that has been properly vetted?

The traits of a Fast Labour Hire traffic controller

Traffic management is a vital job; therefore, in Australia traffic controllers are only allowed to operate with a permit, gained after a one-day course with a registered training organisation (RTO). The day-long course covers:

  • traffic management basics and safety
  • how to minimise the risks of working with moving traffic
  • how to control traffic safely and effectively
  • how to use a two-way radio
  • how to manage traffic in an emergency situation.

A traffic controller is expected to have a valid driver’s licence and wear protective footwear and high-visibility clothing.

This is just the beginning. For experienced traffic controllers (and the ones that Fast Labour Hire supplies), coordination and communication skills are essential, with the ability to think quickly to solve unexpected problems in a timely manner, while assuring members of the public that they are safe and going in the right direction.

The ability to command must be tempered with a willingness to take instructions from supervisors, construction project managers, police officers, paramedics, firefighters and others in authority.



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Why hire Fast Labour Hire Traffic Controllers?


When hiring people for labourer jobs, there are many factors to consider. Your interview procedures need to be thorough enough to weed out risky employees. Your bookkeeping arrangements will have to be able to handle the casual labour payroll and entitlements.

This process can take many weeks, which equates to a certain cost in terms of time and lost productivity.

When it comes to hiring traffic controllers:

  • what level of traffic controller are you expecting to hire – experienced or first-timers?
  • do you know if they hold a white card (basic management), yellow card (able to devise traffic control plans) or red card (handle the entire traffic management process)?
  • how many years’ experience do they have?
  • if they have just moved from interstate, how well do they know Melbourne’s roads, rail, traffic flow and weather conditions?

Imagine how great that would be if you knew all of that – and you didn’t even have to interview them! Even better if you didn’t have to do the pay, entitlements, work safety, workers compensation…

In business most of the time, the fastest way is usually not the best. However, this is not true regarding hiring traffic controllers!

The easiest and quickest way to find the best traffic controllers is with Fast Labour Hire.

What you get with Fast Labour Hire traffic controllers?

Not every labour agency in Melbourne will have traffic controllers on its books, let alone quality employees. However, Fast Labour Hire does, and our staff will conduct site inspections, formulate appropriate traffic control plans, and organise the required permits from the relevant councils, road authorities and police.

Fast Labour Hire has already vetted all the traffic controllers on our books so you know that you will be getting the most reliable ones around.

For instance, at Fast Labour Hire, we:

We also handle all payroll and entitlements.

For reliable traffic controllers you can trust, contact us at Fast Labour Hire.



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