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Skilled Labour Hire in Brisbane

Are you looking for skilled labour hire in Brisbane?

Fast Labour Hire has an extensive database of skilled labourers in Brisbane. We can cover all trades just about any time, from Brisbane’s central suburbs to its outer reaches. We also supply to the Gold Coast if given enough notice.

Why you need skilled labour hire in Brisbane

Building and construction projects need a mix of labour jobs, which means you will need to hire both general and skilled workers.

Skilled labourers have the ability to ease the stress and pressure the site managers face on a daily basis. Fast Labour Hire skilled labourers have more experience, are able to work without supervision and can make beneficial work decisions on the spot. Skilled workers have also achieved a higher level of education, with at least a TAFE qualification.

Fast Labour Hire supplies many useful and hard-to-come-by skilled labourers such as carpenters, bricklayers, fitters and turners, scaffolders, demolition experts, drivers, heavy equipment and plant operators.

Many of our skilled labourers in Brisbane have arrived from countries such as the UK, and Ireland. They come with overseas trade qualifications not yet recognised in Australia, so their expertise in that area will be able to contribute to your work project.


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How to find the best skilled labour hire in Brisbane

The quickest and easiest way to find skilled labour hire in Brisbane is to call Fast Labour Hire. We screen all our skilled workers, saving you weeks of interviewing time, and as we have already done background checks, you can rely on every skilled worker we send you. We save your admin staff even more time and money by handling their wages, entitlements and workers compensation.

As skilled workers are able to find plenty of work, Fast Labour Hire recruits the best skilled labourers in Brisbane

Every skilled worker on our database:

  • holds a current White Card and trade certificate 
  • arrives when requested with tested and tagged (every 3 months) battery-powered tools, hammer drills, grinders, impact and circular saws and so on 
  • comes equipped with full PPE 
  • can identify hazards and carry out risk controls associated with their particular role
  • follows all required WHS codes and other Australian codes of practice.

frequently asked questions

Our last hired skilled labourer arrived late. Will yours be on time?

We place a strong focus on reliability. We require all staff to arrive 10–15 minutes early to every worksite. If we have any cancellations, we will replace staff within two hours.

In the past, we’ve had skilled labourers who haven’t got on with our permanent crew. What can you do about that?

Our vetting process ensures that all our workers have strong people skills and are able to form part of a team quickly. We promote strong relationship building in all our skilled labourers. If they don’t meet your standards, we will remove them, free of charge.

We only need skilled workers for some small jobs. Do you have tradespeople who will come for only a few hours?

We can supply skilled labourers for periods as short as 6 hours right up to the completion of your project. Having a comprehensive database allows us to service multiple disciplines on site and provide a cheaper alternative to hiring a tradesman.
Skilled labour hire in Brisbane is worth paying for. In fact, if you’re not happy with the skilled labourers we supply, we will replace them within 2 hours, free of charge!

At Fast Labour Hire, we can find the best skilled labourers in Brisbane for your project. Contact us today!


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