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Do you have forklift driver jobs in Brisbane that you can’t fill? Fast Labour Hire has one of the most extensive databases of experienced forklift drivers in Brisbane who are available to assist on your construction projects and in warehousing, from Capalaba to Caboolture.

What forklift drivers in Brisbane do?

A forklift operator in Brisbane is needed on site to load materials of different weights and sizes onto the forklift, to drive them to a new location and unload them. The forklift driver transfers the materials to and from storage areas and other machines and loading docks to other locations on the construction or to trains, trucks or warehouses.

Construction sites and warehouses are busy environments with individuals and groups focusing on their own jobs and not being particularly aware of their surroundings. Forklift drivers are required to communicate efficiently and effectively. They make sure where everyone is before driving the forklift load to the new location.

Forklift drivers should inspect forklift machinery daily. They identify any damage and report the need for repairs, quality deficiencies and shortages and keep inventory records up to date and produce activity logs. By complying with company policies and guidelines, they contribute to maintaining a safe environment.


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What a Fast Labour Fire forklift driver in Brisbane looks like

To fill forklift driver jobs in Brisbane, Fast Labour Hire supplies fully screened personnel with current licences and will complete Verification of Competency (VOC) checks before entering any machine.

One of the most valuable assets we look for in a forklift driver in Brisbane is knowing precisely where they should be at any one time on site as a delay can hold up production for hours. We insist that they have organisational skills, especially if you need them to inspect labelling and pick up orders.

Fast Labour Hire guarantees that all its forklift drivers have:

  • Driven a forklift for at least the previous two years
  • A good working knowledge of mechanical equipment
  • Excellent coordination and are in physical condition
  • Excellent time-management skills.

Fast Labour Hire chooses the best forklift operators for its database. We understand that skills are just part of the qualities you are looking for when employing labour hire on your team. We also vet forklift drivers in Brisbane for skills in teamwork, clear communication and a professional attitude. We guarantee that all the forklift drivers in Brisbane we supply will turn up on time, will remain alert on the job and will contribute positively to your project and team culture.

If you’re on the lookout for top-quality forklift drivers, contact us at Fast Labour Hire today!

frequently asked questions

How do we know the forklift driver will move our materials safely in Brisbane?

Due to the nature of a forklift vehicle’s rear-wheel steering, materials that are loaded up but unbalanced can cause dangerous, even fatal, incidents if driven incorrectly. All Fast Labour Hire forklift drivers are trained to make sure that everything is securely loaded and balanced before turning on the motor and driving off.

Can you supply a forklift driver in Brisbane every day but only for short periods?

Forklift drivers jobs in Brisbane may last for a small amount of time, or all day on site with gaps in the schedule between loads. Each forklift operator in Brisbane that we supply is available for long or short-term employment. We screen all our forklift operators for their positive attitude, adaptability, flexibility and professionalism for jobs, especially in the construction sector, where locations and schedules can change from day to day. Fast Labour Hire forklift drivers can be supplied mornings, afternoons and nights for work on your site.

Will the forklift driver in Brisbane work well under pressure?

Construction, warehouse and manufacturing sites can be busy, noisy and confusing, particularly for some who has just arrived on site. A forklift driver needs to be able to work under pressure, such as getting directions from several different people at once and being able to prioritise the importance of each one. Fast Labour Hire forklift drivers have the ability to process information, follow instructions and make optimal decisions quickly yet thoughtfully.

Having trouble filling forklift operator jobs in Brisbane with top quality personnel? Contact us at Fast Labour Hire today!


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