Efficient and reliable electrical spotters in all of Melbourne.


Fast Labour Hire has a large database of electrical spotters with the capacity to protect workers on all moving machines and vehicles from accidents and fatalities caused by electrical dangers.

Fast Labour Hire is one of Melbourne’s most successful labour hire agencies where all our electrical spotters focus on safety and efficiency.

If you are asking, ‘Where will I find an electrical spotter near me?’, look no further. Fast Labour Hire supplies electrical spotters from Melbourne’s CBD to the outer suburbs.

Why were electrical spotters introduced?

The construction industry is notoriously hazardous. Even after many WH&S measures were implemented, there were still a disturbing number of accidents and electricity-related fatalities on work sites and farms.

The Victorian Government initiated the ‘No Go Zone’ (NGZ) that developed, introduced and communicated a consistent set of rules when working near overhead powerlines with accompanying safety compliance standards.

The government also introduced the electrical spotters licence, granted to those who complete training to ensure safety standards by observing the operation of the plant and equipment near electrical infrastructure features such as overhead powerlines and electrical conductors.




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What Electrical Spotters Do?

The Victorian Government no Go zones refer to the distance of between 3 and 6.4 metres of overhead powerlines. When construction work takes place in this area, a registered electrical spotter is required on site.

Individual items of equipment operating in the no go zone of overhead powerlines require an electrical spotter for each one. Electrical spotters minimise the risks of electrocution and contact with pipelines in the vicinity of electrical infrastructure. 

Electrical spotter JOBS requirements IN MELBOURNE


The labour hire contractor must make sure that all Fast Labour Hire’s electrical spotters receive proper induction into the safety procedures on the site, including the relevant Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

The Fast Labour Hire electrical spotter will remain at the job for the entire time the earthmoving equipment is required to operate, in accordance with the SWMS. The spotter is allowed to observe only one item of operating earthmoving equipment at any time.

Our electrical spotters will carefully position themselves to monitor the distance between the equipment and the powerlines, and will provide early, effective warning to operator of any moving equipment of any potential encroachment into the no go zone.

We guarantee that all our electrical spotters will be fully engaged at all times, with no slips in concentration.

Fast Labour Hire requires all its electrical spotters to:

  • register with Energy Safe Victoria as being at least 18 years of age
  • have a current Level 2 First Aid Certificate (Provide First Aid HLTAID003 and Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation HLTAID001)
  • undertaken an approved spotter training course (Course in Workplace Spotting for Services Assets 22325VIC
  • hold an appropriate spotter’s licence (that is valid for 3 years)
  • hold a Certificate of Competency or WorkSafe ticket for the type of plant the electrical spotters will be spotting for; for example, vehicle-mounted cranes, EWP above 11 metres. (This is different for riggers who may work as electrical spotters without this certification.)
  • be licenced to drive a ‘Light Rigid’ (LR), HC or HR truck


Knowledge and experience FOR ELECTRICAL SPOTTERS

Knowledge and experience count with all Fast Labour Hire electrical spotters. We supply only those who:

  • are able to identify when a spotter is needed
  • can apply no go zone regulations and control measures
  • have electrical hazard awareness
  • give clear whistle and hand signals
  • respond to emergency procedures in the event of an incident
  • can select appropriate PPE
  • evaluate documentation and liaise with plant supervisors.


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